Book a Customized Private Tour in Taiwan!

Want to explore Taiwan but don’t want to lose too much time in public transport? Then you might want to consider Ownrides and customize your own private tour of Taiwan!

On Ownrides, you can book a private driver and customize your tour as you wish! Imagine crafting the perfect Taiwanese adventure, tailored to your desires. Ownrides makes this a reality, transforming your trip into a personalized exploration with the freedom and flexibility of a private tour. Explore bustling night markets in Taipei, hike the serene trails of Alishan, or delve into the cultural richness of Tainan!

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How it works?

It’ really simple. You go on on You can choose from their preset tours or create your own itinerary. The price is quoted immediately. So there is no surprise!

Ownrides will then find the best driver for you and that’s it. The driver will pick you up on the desired date and place!

You can also request an English speaking driver for a small extra and the driver will act as your guide during the trip! They can help you find the hidden gems and local favorites, ensuring you experience the authentic Taiwan.