Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布) in Jinguashi

What to Expect at Golden Waterfall?

The Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布; Huángjīn Pùbù) is a naturally occurring phenomenon located in Jinguashi, a gold mining village in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. The waterfall is situated close to the Jiufen Old Street, a popular tourist destination renowned for its nostalgic atmosphere and traditional teahouses. You can easily combine a visit to the waterfall with exploring the charming streets of Jiufen for a full day of cultural immersion.

Nice waterfall where the minerals in the water gave an orangy colour to the rocks. The golden color + the fact that the waterfall lies in the old gold mining region gave the name to this pretty waterfall.

If you ask us, this waterfall is a little bit overrated though. Note that we are nature lovers and not really found of those really touristy spots. So a waterfall in which you can not swim (apparently the water is very toxic due to its proximity to the gold mining area) and enjoy the surrounding nature must be really impressive for us to like it. Unfortunately, the Golden waterfall was a little bit disappointing for us. I wouldn’t go there only to see it.

However, if you plan on going to Jiufen or hiking the Teapot Mountain, you can definitely pass by to take a nice shot of the fall like we did 🙂

How Far from Taipei?

  • 40 min train + 30 min bus
  • 40 min by car

How to Get There?

Train + Bus:

  • From anywhere in Taipei, go to Taipei Main Station
  • Take the train to Ruifang Station  
  • At Ruifang Station take the Exit West to get to the bus station
  • When you have exited the station and are facing the Welcome take left and walk for about 250 meter.
  • When you see the police station on your right, the bus stop is next to the police station.
  • Take the 856 Fulung Visitor Center [Taiwan Tourist Shuttle]
  • Stop at Huangjin Waterfall
  • The Golden waterfall is right next to the bus stop, you really can’t miss them as they are not really hidden :p