Huiyao Waterfall: Explore this Cool Waterfall

Huiyao Waterfall (灰窯瀑布) located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City. It is roughly 8 meters tall and a few meters wide, the waterfall boasts a deep pool suitable for swimming. The large cliffs near the waterfall attract thrill-seekers for jumps into the safe pool below.

What to Expect at Huiyao Waterfall?

Cool waterfall you can jump from and great place to hang out.

But we personally prefer the second waterfall a few meters down the river. (There is a rope you can swing from). 

All in all both place are really nice. You can have a barbecue and swim in the pool. It really feels you are in the middle of nature (because you are dah) with a large pool of turquoise blue water.

Prefer going on a sunny morning. In the afternoon, almost the whole pool lies in the shadow from the trees surrounding the area.

Also locals like to hang out there and have a barbecue with their entire family, so if you want it to be quiet, prefer going on a weekday.

Don’t forget your drinks and snacks (closest convenience store is 30 min walk + 15 min bus away) and sunscreen + mosquito repellent!

How Far is Huiyao Waterfall from Taipei?

+/- 1h 20 min from Muzha MRT station (50 min bus + 30 min walk (2.2km) on the asphalt road)

How to Get to Huiyao Waterfall?

From anywhere in Taipei.

  • Take the MRT or bus to MUZHA MRT Station (brown line)
At Muzha, get out at the only exit and go to the road 106.
  • Take the 795 bus Towards Shifen Falls. (bus stop that is on the other side of the road than the 7-eleven)).
  • Stop at Zunkou
Follow the small concrete road next to the bus stop. You will reach the waterfall after about 30 min walk, 2.2 km)
Entrance for the smaller waterfall
  • For the bigger waterfall go a few meters further the roads and at some point you will see some stairs on your left.
Entrance for the bigger waterfall

Let us know how your trip to Huiyao Waterfall went!