Jia Jiu Liao (加九寮): Explore Wulai’s Natural Waterslide

What to Expect at Jia Jiu Liao?

The Jia Jiu Liao Waterslide in Wulai is a fun water slide that you can slide from in a relaxed and remote atmosphere.

We like to hang out at the waterslide for an afternoon, have a barbecue, and play in the water!

Wulai waterslide

There are actually two fun water slides quite close to each other.

The narrow one:

person sliding fro wulai waterslide

And the wide one, depending on when you go, if it has not rained a lot in the past few days it might be difficult to slide from it.

How Far is Jia Jiu Liao from Taipei?

30 min bus + 45h walk on a trail or 1h river trace.

How to Get to Jia Jiu Liao?

From anywhere in Taipei

  • Go to Xindian MRT station (Green line).
  • Get out at the only exit and go to the right to reach to bus stop that is on the big street.
  • Take the bus 849 to Wulai.
  • Stop at Chenggong
statelite map when you get out at Chenggong
  • Take the first street on your right 
  • Pass the first bridge and stop before the second one.
Arrows showing wulai waterslide trailhead on satelite map

From there, you have two choices:

Walk on a trail:

  • On your left before the bridge, you will see some stairs. This is the trailhead to get to the waterslide.
  • Walk for about 45 min to one hour. At this point you should reach a part of the trail where it gets wider, there is a bench made of plastic tubes on the right and the trail continues making a turn to the left, with a small temple right after the turn.
Person showing a trail

When you are next to the bench, look to your right for a way down inside the forest  (it is directly after the bench as pointed out by the beautiful guy in the picture).

Note that this part gets quite steep.

You will reach the wide waterslide, but you have the go down the river a bit to find the narrow one. It hides behind some huge rocks that sometimes seem impossible to cross, but just keep going!

River trace:

  • On the right of the stairs for the trail, there is a small passage you can take to reach the river, this is where you go if you want to river trace to the waterslide.
  • It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes to the waterslide. You normally don’t have to swim and should not have water higher than your thighs. But this of course depends on the rainfall of the past day. A dry bag is still recommended though or at least put your phone and important items into a ziplock bag to protect them in case of a fall :).
  • Just follow the river until you actually see this 🙂
  • And if you want to go to the wide waterslide follow the river up keeping your left. There should be a rope somewhere to climb over the huge rock.

Here are some pictures of our last river trace to the Jia Jiu Liao waterslide: