Lingjiao Waterfall – Easy Taipei Day Trip


  • Lingjiao Waterfall is a large waterfall (+10 meters high) next to Lingjiao Station of the Pingxi Railway, which is in the Pingxi District of New Taipei. It is the second biggest waterfall in Pingxi District after Shifen Waterfall.
Lingjiao Waterfall
  • There is a pool where it is possible to swim and the water is deep enough for people to jump from the waterfall. However, water sports and activities were banned by the government in 2020 after the death of a college student.

To get to the top of the waterfall, go back up the stairs you came from, and a few meters before the end of the stairs you will see a, sometimes closed, fence on your left.

Despite the signs prohibiting swimming, many people still choose to swim in the pool. Please be safe and exercise extreme caution if you choose to do this sort of activity. You can get fined if you are caught. Please be aware that the pools are very deep and there are underwater currents that can catch swimmers off guard.

Lingjiao Waterfall

Lingjiao Waterfall is a nice waterfall to hang out at. You could easily spend the day, relaxing by the pool, having a barbecue and some beers. It is worth including as part of your itinerary for your visit to Shifen or Pingxi. You can also visit the waterfall as part of the Pingxi Waterfall Hopping itinerary. See our article HERE about Pingxi Waterfall Hopping.

Lingjiao Waterfall


Easily accessible by bus from Taipei. 45-minute bus from Muzha + a 15-minute walk from the bus stop.


From anywhere in Taipei:

  • By Bus: Take the MRT or bus to MUZHA MRT Station (brown line)
  • At Muzha, get out at the only exit and go to road 106.
Directions to Lingjiao Waterfall
  • Take the 795 bus Towards Shifen Falls. (bus stop on the side of the road that has the OK mart (NOT the 7-Eleven)).
  • Stop at Tianzi (Lingjiao Station).
Directions to Lingjiao Waterfall
  • Cross the street and take the smaller parallel street in front of you.
  • At the end of the street, right after the bridge take the path to the right (it seems like you are entering a property but you are not 🙂
  • Go to the left of the building and you will see the train station. Continue forward for a few meters walking next to the train tracks
  • On your right, you will see some stairs going down to the waterfall.
  • By Train:  You can take the TRA to Ruifang Station, and then switch to the Pingxi Railway line. Get off at Lingjiao Station. When you get off the station walk east down the road next to the train tracks. On your right, you will see some stairs going down to the waterfall.

Some more pictures:

Lingjiao Waterfall
Lingjiao Waterfall
Lingjiao Waterfall
Lingjiao Waterfall

Let us know if the instructions are still correct and how you liked it!