Rent a Car in Taipei with your International Driving License

Are you looking to rent a car in Taipei and do you have an international driving license? We have tried which is one of the cheapest and most flexible car rental companies that we have come across in Taipei. You’ll just need one driver with a valid international license to rent the car.

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If this is the first time that you rent a car in Taipei, then you might have 2 questions in mind. First, can you rent a car with your international driving license? And second, where’s the cheapest or most convenient car rental company? After doing some market research, the My Room Abroad team has found that it is relatively easy to rent a car in Taipei. However, finding a car at a reasonable price is another fight. Most car rental companies which accept the international driving license will charge over 2000 NTD per day. This is too expensive for the My Room Abroad student community.

The cheapest car rental company in Taipei that we have tried is called You can rent a compact car for as low as 1450 NTD per day.

Rent a car to drive all around the island. First, go down to Kenting by the West Coast to enjoy the beaches. Afterwards come back North on the breathtaking East Coast. On the way stopped at the unavoidable Taroko Gorge National Park and finished the week by driving along the North Coast, with its many beaches.

In short, if you have an international driving license and you are looking for a cheap car to rent in Taipei, is used to handle requests from foreigners and they have some of the cheapest cars around!

Insurance Note: 
If you want to rent a car with full insurance coverage, the prices increase but it might be a good idea. These are the stores recommended by Gogoout:

If you want to have a look at other car rental companies, please refer to this article.