Renting a Scooter in Taipei

Fed up with public transport? You want to be able to go anywhere without being dependent on a bus schedule… But buying a motorbike for only 5 months might be a little too risky…

Monthly scooter or motorcycle renting is the solution for you!

Monthly Scooter and Motorcycle Rentals

Robby, American expat, is a true car and motorcycle passionate. Here in Taiwan, he is involved with the CSRT Motor Club that sponsors his races. He gets his passion from his father who was a classic car collector. So when he moved to Taiwan he continued the tradition. He has been living here for more than 10 years and has been involved with the local motorcycle scene since day one! He has 7 scooters and white plate motorcycles (125-150cc) that he rents weekly/monthly.

Pricing Information

  • Must provide a $6000 NT deposit before renting to cover damages to the bikes.
  • RATES: Vary based on usage. Contact for more information.
  • 1 Week: $2000NT local riding​*
  • 1 Month: $5000NT up to 1200 km*
  • *Base rates are for local riding and NOT traveling around the country.
  • Long distance island touring varies based on usage. Contact for more information.
  • All transactions in CASH​
  • Pickup in Taoyuan, 15 minutes from the airport
  • Accident Insurance covering 3rd party and medical included
  • No insurance covering the bike, you are responsible for damage you do.
  • Must have local license or international motorcycle license
  • No rentals under 1 week

You can visit RKRT’s’ website for more information about how to rent a scooter and motorcycle.

Requirements to Rent a Motorbike in Taiwan

You will need an international drivers license with an M designation (motorcycle designation). Make sure your international drivers license has every page stamped, and in particular, on the page that designates the category of vehicle, both motorcycle and automobile categories are stamped.

If you need information about licensing requirements for driving a motorbike in Taiwan, how to get an international drivers license and the rules of the road for motorbikes in Taiwan, then you might find this article about Renting a Motorcycle in Taiwan helpful.