How To Get Around in Taipei

Taipei stretches out expansively. While it is a very densely populated city, it still takes sometime to get to where you want to go. Though you can comfortably get around on foot to most places, Taipei offers multiple swift transport systems to take you everywhere. If you really want to experience Taipei, we recommend experiencing the diverse modes of transport to explore the city’s highlights. In this guide, we’ll show you the most common ways people travel around Taipei.


When it comes to getting around Taipei, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system may be the most efficient and convenient mode of transportation. A quick fun fact, approximately 7.9 million passengers ride the MRT every single day. This goes to show just how popular and reliable the MRT system is. One of the reason for this high ridership is the MRT’s extensive coverage of Taipei, making it the preferred choice for reaching most of the city’s popular and iconic attractions.

Purchasing your Ticket or EasyCard

You have two options when riding the MRT:

  1. Single-Trip Tickets: If you’re only planning a few one-off trips, purchasing a single-trip ticket from the automated ticket machines at the stations is the way to go. Just look at which station you want to reach, pay the fare, and you’re good to go.

  1. EasyCard: However, for frequently travelers or those looking for added convenience, the EasyCard is the ultimate solution. This reloadable smart card not only offers a more cost-effective way to explore the city, but also doubles as a versatile payment method for various purchases throughout Taiwan. With your EasyCard, just tap-and-go. (Come check out our EasyCard guide here)

The MRT fares are quite cheap and it is one of the fastest ways to get around the busy city. Instead of carrying a bunch of coins and wasting time buying single trip tickets at the machines, it is much easier to grab yourself an Easy Card and streamline your entire travel experience.

You can view the full MRT route map in English here.


The bus is also a great option for students who are trying to budget their expenses. It is only $15 NTD per trip, but you’ll have to pay an additional $15 NTD for each transfer you make on a new bus.

How to ride the bus in Taipei

First you’ll need to know where you want to go. We find that using Google Maps is the best way in searching how to reach your destination by bus. Not only will it give you multiple bus routes to take, it’ll also update you when the next expected bus will be. Most bus stations will also have LED signs that tell you when the next bus is expected to arrive.

How to pay for bus fare in Taipei

You have to options here:

  1. EasyCard: This is the easiest and most recommended way of paying for the bus. When you enter the bus either from the front or the middle, there will be EasyCard readers for you to tap on. Just tap on it, when you hear a beeping sound, you’re free to find yourself a seat.

  1. Coins: Another option to pay for the bus is by coins. For this option, you’ll have to go to the front of the bus where the driver is to pay. You’ll see a large silver metal compartment, just toss in $15 NTD and you’re good to go. But please note, change will not be given on the bus. If you throw in $20 NTD, $50NTD, the bus driver will not refund you the difference.

Tips for taking the bus

  • Make sure you check out Google Maps and Bus+ (iOS & Android) to help you figure out whether taking the bus is the best option for you.
  • Hold tight! While there has been major improvements in driving, many bus drivers are still quite aggressive in terms of accelerating and breaking. There has been many accidents where people, especially the elders, fall on the bus. So please be careful and have something to hold on to while riding the bus.


Taxis are a common sight in bustling Taipei, and you’ll likely spot a yellow cab no matter where you turn. The convenience of Taipei’s taxi service is hard to miss – you can usually hail one within a minute or two.

Efficient and Affordable

Taiwan’s taxis are known for their speed and efficiency, and they won’t break the bank. When compared to taxi fares in countries like Canada and the United States, Taipei’s rates are notably reasonable.

Fare Details

Your taxi journey starts at just $85 NTD for the first 1.25 kilometers, with each additional 250 meters costing $5 NTD. If you encounter slow-moving traffic and the taxi’s speed falls below 5 kilometers per hour, expect an additional charge of $5 NTD for every 60 seconds. During off-peak hours, from 11 PM to 6 AM, the initial fare starts at $105 NTD instead of the daytime rate of $85 NTD.

Overcoming Language Barriers

It’s essential to note that most taxi drivers in Taipei may not be fluent in English. To ensure a smooth ride, consider writing down your destination in Chinese characters on your phone or on a piece of paper to show the driver.

No Need to Tip

Unlike some countries, tipping is not customary in Taiwan, including taxi rides. Your fare covers the service, allowing you to save those extra dollars for other experiences during your stay.

With these practical insights, you’re well-prepared for navigating Taipei’s taxi scene, ensuring a hassle-free and budget-friendly journey through the city.


Uber is another great option for getting around the city quickly. It’s great because you can just input your destination in English and not worry about any language barriers. In our experience, Uber is generally slightly cheaper than taxis during off-peak hours. Pay attention to the Uber App, it’ll say whether the fares have been adjusted based on demand.