The Wanggu Waterfall in Pingxi

A view of Wanggu Waterwall


Wanggu Waterfall is a small waterfall in New Taipei, Pingxi District (新北市平溪區). It is a 10-15 minutes walk from Wanggu Station (望古車站). The Wanggu Waterfall is a relatively lesser-known waterfall in Taiwan. There is a riverside trail and a natural pool where the water is deep enough to swim.

Person swimming in Wanggu Waterfall

The waterfall provides a nice atmosphere where you feel you are in the middle of nature. All the trees and rocks around the waterfall will shade you from the hot afternoon sun during the summer.


Fairly accessible. 1h bus from Muzha + a 20 min walk from the bus station to get to the waterfll .


From anywhere in Taipei

  • By Bus: Take the MRT or bus to MUZHA MRT Station (brown line)
  • At Muzha, get out at the only exit and go he road 106.
  • Take the 795 bus Towards Shifen Falls. (bus stop that is on the side of the road that has the OK mart (NOT the 7-eleven)).
  • Stop at Qinahan Station
  • Cross the street and take the parallel smaller street in front of you
  • After the bridge go left.
  • Follow the train tracks for a while
  • At some point, don’t take the way up on the left but pass under it and continue following the train tracks.
  • Then a few meters further, on your right, on the other side of the train tracks, you will see the trail head (Look for some wooden path)
  • By Train:  You can take the TRA to Ruifang Station, and then switch to the Pingxi Railway line. Get off at Wanggu Station, and then walk west down the road up the bridge and over the train tracks, you will see the trail to the waterfall at the top of the bridge.

Once on the trail, take the first stairs to your right to reach Wanggu. You can also follow the trail further to go to other nice waterfalls.

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