What is the Climate Like in Taiwan?

What is the best time to travel in Taiwan?

As mentioned before the winter months are the most popular for tourists. As through the entirety of Taiwan, the climate in months like December and January tend to be perfect. With temperature lows and highs averaging about 15°C -20°C respectively and the rainfall at about 20mm for the month. Allow for plenty of dry days where the suns out and shining. The cool dryer climate will also be better suited for individuals who are more accustomed to such weather. As in the summertime the humidity can get almost unbearable for some. However, on days when it does rain it can get seriously cold and most locals will prefer to stay indoors or indulge in traditional Taiwanese food such as hot pot to warm themselves up. The only reason some may prefer summer instead of the winter, is because fewer tourist will be present and less people will be participating in touristy activities. The summertime is still a viable time to travel, as the humidity is something which you can get accustomed to. While the thunderstorms often leave several long stretches between each other, giving you plenty of time travel.

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Thing to do in Taiwan

There are a large variety of activities to do across Taiwan but naturally many of these are limited by the climate. The key to travelling in Taiwan is to cater your activity to the type of day. As there isn’t a season which will guarantee the same weather day after day. Hence, when it is hot, humid and the sun is shining outside. Make sure to explore the Taiwanese surf at the beach or go for a swim in the Lingjiao Waterfall. At a day pouring down with rain. Explore majestic cities like Taipei and stick to activities which will keep you dry undercover. While on a cool and dry day, feeling free to go explore incredible trails such as the teapot mountain. Or you can warm yourself up in hot-springs found in Wulai (or any one of hundreds found on the island). The only thing you must think about is how to be smart with the time you have and plan your activities by consulting the weather forecast.While the winter months do tend to be the most popular, it is possible to travel in Taiwan any time of the year. As long as you have come well prepared and plan your days wisely. The hot and stormy months of summer may sound unappealing to some. However if you are already accustomed to the humidity from your home country, there is little to no reason to hesitate as there are long stretches of time between each storm. Producing the perfect time to visit the warm watered beach surrounding Taiwan.