What is Working in Taiwan Like?

Working in Taiwan can provide an ideal opportunity for you to initiate a switch in your career path or even take your first steps toward beginning your career. With low unemployment rate and cities like Taipei being one of the largest Asian Metropole in the region, Taiwan becomes an ideal location to find a job for foreigners. Working abroad is naturally accompanied with living abroad, which some may find intimidating. However, living in Taiwan may just end up being your favorite part of the experience, as it has been for many others. But before you start packing your bag with ambitions of moving here, there are a few things you should know.

What is ARC?

Alien Resident Certificate shortened to ARC in Taiwan, allows foreigners who are working in Taiwan to stay here for up to three year. This will be a must for you alongside the Taiwanese working permit if you plan to work here. The application needs to be completed with 15 days of you landing. If it is required to be renewed, it needs to at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. The cost associated with this is $1000 NTD per annum and you can elect to apply for up to 3 years amounting to a total cost of $3000 NTD. More information on the ARC and required documents for the application process can be found on .

Working in Taiwan

The best way to find a job in Taiwan is unmistakably through connections. However, there are several networking and job browsing sites which can be handy. These include; ,,(facebook),,andto name a few. Most foreigners who arrive in Taiwan tend to settle for Teaching Jobs. As the demand for English teachers is considerably high (especially if you are native English speaker). Taiwanese job market also has a strong desire for individual with high proficiency in both English and Mandarin. Having these skills can often increase your employability and also lead to better wages. However, it is always best to explore the job market prior arriving in Taiwan and keep realistic expectation of where you might be employed.

The commute to work for you will depend on where you decide to live. Naturally it would be in your best interests to live as close as possible to your place of employment. However, in major cities such as Taipei, the MRT system is really efficient. Hence, there shouldn’t be any real issues travelling to any corner of the city. If you don’t live in a city with an established MRT system or simply want an alternative mode of transport. There are a numerous car rental services around Taiwan or you can opt for the most popular form of transport here by renting a scooter.

Cost of Living in Taiwan

When compared to western standards, the cost of living in Taiwan is reasonably low. Contrasting the cost of living with what you can expect to earn working here. Most people can easily get by living a moderately comfortable life. The largest expense you will face here is accommodation. Price range for this can vary quite drastically with the type of accommodation you are looking for. As a general comparison, the Taipei apartment rental cost can be compared to that of Berlin’s. This is still lower than most major western city, yet more expensive than most Southeast Asian nations. You can expect to pay on average $15000 NTD per month to rent a room in Taipei. This price does tend to trend downwards the further away from the city center you go. If you are willing to leave the premises of the city, it will be guaranteed to be your cheapest option. Luckily rest of the expenses in Taiwan is considerably cheaper. In fact eating out is cheap enough that most individuals prefer to eat out than to cook their own meal.

Living in Taiwan

Taiwan is an incredible place to live. The best part of working here, may just be the accompanying opportunity to live here. Taipei is the most popular city for foreigners to settle in. Being the most westernized city in Taiwan makes it the perfect introduction to the lifestyle here for a foreigner. Taipei will also be the easiest place to find a job, as it is the capital of Taiwan. Electing to work in one of the other cities such as Taichung is also a viable option, cost of living there will be considerably cheaper. However, finding employment in Taichung may lead up to be a bit more of a challenge. Regardless, living in any city in Taiwan will be an unforgettable experience. With high levels of safety, friendly locals and plenty of activities to keep you occupied during your breaks, when the time come you won’t want to leave.

Working in Taiwan in can incredible opportunity and also be an integral part of your career. There are benefits of living on Taipei or Taichung, which one suits your needs the best is up to you to decide. If you are wanting to browse the prices and types of accommodation available in either city, My Room Abroad can help you with this by curating searches to you needs, for any other information don’t hesitate to contact us.