Where to get a Cheap Haircut in Taipei

If you are an exchange student in Taipei or anywhere else in Taiwan, then it is inevitable that you will have to get a haircut at some point during your stay. There are many high-end salons in Taipei with prices ranging from 500-1000 NTD for a basic wash and cut. If you are looking for complicated hair stylings, perms, curls or colorings, then going to these high-end salons makes sense. However, for many of these high end salons, you will need to make an appointment in advance. So what if you are looking for just a quick and simple haircut?

The 100 NTD Haircut

100 NTD Haircut in Taiwan

If you are looking for a simple cut (not wash), then try the 100 NTD hair salons. There are many of them around Taiwan. In fact, there are two on Shida Road near NTNU. You will need to purchase a ticket from a machine that will come with a queue number. Once your number is called you can tell the hairdresser how you want your cut. The hairdressers at these 100 NTD hair salons are super quick and efficient so your wait time will not be very long. I have simple short hair and I see no difference in the quality of my hair cut from the 100 NTD hair salon compared to more expensive places.

QB House

QB House Haircut in Taiwan

Another popular and reasonably priced hair salon in Taipei is QB House. QB House is a Japanese haircut chain with many locations throughout Taipei and Taiwan. They are efficient, affordable and very modern. The salon has a flat rate price of NT $350. At some locations you will need to buy a voucher from a vending machine for your haircut. You will also need to write your name down on the waiting list. Check the QB House Taiwan website for more information (you can use Google translate to translate it into English).

Do I need to Tip?

Taiwan is generally a non-tipping culture, so you do not have to tip the hairdresser. I have never met or seen any local Taiwanese that tip their hairdresser.

Do I need to Speak Chinese?

Can you get a haircut in Taiwan even if you don’t speak Chinese? Yes! Just showed them a picture of the haircut you want and use google translate.